Mia Chamasmany


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Mia Chamasmany | Echo Park, Los Angeles | miachamasmany@gmail.com

Noise as Textile

Documentary Book

A process-based study conducted while abroad in London. Collected the printed ephemera found in my immediate space which functioned as "noise" in my daily life. Those were shredded and woven again, to transform the noise into a textile. Woven matter was scanned, re-shredded, and then silkscreen prints generated as a way to further the process utilizing a similar method. Booklet contains information, documentation and experimentation.

Woven Matter: A4, edition of 4.
Booklet: 11 pages, 4.25x8.5" butterfly stitched
Prints: A2, silkscreen, edition of 27.
Mentor: Joshua Trees